Becoming my mum?

This morning I woke up at 6.30 as usual, thinking that when I was living with my parents I used to be upset with my mother at weekends: she would wake up very early (from my perspective at least) and start cleaning or tidying up the house, waking me up as well when I could sleep in! And this morning suddenly I realised that waking up early is becoming an habit for me  BECAUSE of my son; very likely from now on I will always have to wake up early for him, to go to work early so that I can come back home early, for example, and once I’m awake I might want to clean the house or something like that, why not… There must be so many little things like that, where parents and children don’t understand each other on a very basic level. Will we able to realise when that happens? In the meantime… sorry, mum!


2 thoughts on “Becoming my mum?

  1. haha so true! I was never a morning person – but now that i have a baby, i’m up around 6am everyday regardless because he needs to eat. I thought about this the other day that i’m never going to sleep in again and it sort of made me sad, but then i think of my little guy and think that it’s worth it and i’ll miss him “needing” me so much once he grows up!

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