Long week

It’s been a tough week. Pallino has been feeding every 2-2.5 hours at night and that leaves me knackered throughout the day, even I have a nap… and during the day I’m so tired I’m afraid of going out because I know that he doesn’t like to stay in his pram and I end up having to put him in the baby carrier, which after a while hurts my back. I have gone out anyway, today for example he fell asleep and I was able to have a nice coffee and walk back home without a problem, but I can’t relax. 

Also we are trying to get him to take my breastmilk with a bottle but it’s not working yet, he screams and refuses to get near the bottle! I just would like to have a few hours of freedom occasionally, leaving him with L, for an hair cut or a swim, or a nap… 

I’m sure it’s just a moment, maybe a growth spurt, and he will take the bottle eventually, but we’re about to go on holiday and I thought it would be great to have a little time with L, leaving Pallino with his granparents from time to time, but it doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. 

My friends lent me two bottles with different teats, maybe he likes one of those more… I think L will try again on Saturday morning. 

I’m tired, I’m starting to get bored at home, I’d like to sleep/go to the gym/travel/spend a day sightseeing in London/work! That’s until I look Pallino in his eyes and he smiles at me and giggles and I know I have to treasure this time we have, it will end soon enough anyway. 

PS. Update on the bath issue: keeping skin contact when he leaves the bath seems to make the trick, he’s been happier lately – thanks Squa for the suggestion! 



One thought on “Long week

  1. I’m sorry to hear that P is having issues taking to the bottle. I may have missed a post somewhere in between, but I know my friend’s baby won’t take a bottle if she is anywhere near! It’s like some babies can smell the mommy’s milk and refuse to do a bottle. But when she is out of the house, her husband can get their baby to take the bottle. So i wonder if having your parents attempt to feed a bottle while u are gone may be productive?

    I can imagine it’s exhausting when you can’t have any help. I know i feel extra tired now that i’m back to work and still doing morning and night time feedings, but i refuse to pump any more than i already have to!

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