Upside down

Another trial to feed Pallino with a bottle. This time a different type, to try a new teat and see if he likes it better. I went out and left L with him and the bottle. It didn’t go much better than last time I’m afraid… Pallino tries to use the bottle like a breast, using his tongue, but it doesn’t work and he gets frustrated and starts screaming… also L hasn’t found a position where the baby is happy and he can see what he’s doing properly yet. He tried to hold him sideways, on the baby carrier, to put him in his swing… he did drink about 5 ml when sitting on his swing, but then started screaming again, and that was all. So after three failed attempts, L played a bit with Pallino, I came back home and after a while I fed him (we read that I should not feed him straight away, otherwise he will associate his refusal of the bottle with the reward of being breastfed).

On a slightly different note, his schedule seems to have gone astray… today we had a four hour interval between feeds from 10am to 2pm, during which Pallino slept most of the time. And then at night he wakes up every 2-2.5 hours. Until a couple of weeks ago, he’s always distinguished night and day correctly, with slightly longer feed intervals at night, but now everything seems turned upside down. Should I let him sleep so long during the day? I didn’t want to disturb him today, cause I thought he would make him overtired if I woke him up, but I don’t know if that’s the best choice in terms of what he’s going to do during the night afterwards – although I’m not sure I can do anything about it!

PS. After feeling so low in the last few days, I decided to do something about it: I booked an haircut for next week and I went swimming with a friend this morning! it was only about 20 minutes and I’m not a good swimmer, I lose my breath very easily and I struggle to catch up… but it was a bit of Me-time and it helped my backache!


One thought on “Upside down

  1. I wish i had ideas for you on the not taking a bottle thing 😦 I had a few periods of time where Daxton seemed to change up his sleeping patterns. I started trying to do some more scheduled/structured stuff with him during the day. So we would shoot for playtime/activity, nap and then feed him to try and aim for shorter naps during the day. And then I read somewhere that taking them outside during the day can also help them with the day/night confusion thing. OR it could just be a phase! Glad you got some “me time” in – that is so important and something I should try and do more!

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