Play-time and our anniversary

Things are slowly changing. Not only the weather, turning to a proper English summer (i.e. rainy), but also in Pallino’s behaviour: he’s calmer in his pram (not sure he likes it yet, but the time he spends there without crying is longer and longer, allowing me to walk a bit more), he’s no longer crying after the bath and he’s been waking up a bit less frequently during the night: last week it was definitely a growth spurt, this week he’s gone back to feeding every three hours, but with some four hour intervals from time to time. All of this makes his behaviour less predictable, but overall we’re heading in the right direction!

He’s now rolling a bit on one side: I put him on his playmat in a position and I find him rotated 90 degrees after a while… it’s so fun to look at him and how he interacts with the toys and with his own hands and feet… I love it! For example, he likes to kick the arches in the playmat and see how all the toys start rattling; he still gets very excited looking at the animals in his cot mobile and the blinds behind his changing mat, and when he’s excited, he kicks crazily with his small (but surprisingly strong) chubby legs.

Every day I spend some time singing nursery rhymes (sometimes in English, sometimes in Italian) and when I have the picture book for the song, I point at the images and repeat the corresponding words. I hope he doesn’t get confused between the two languages, but I’m confident that children learn much faster than us, so hopefully he’ll understand the difference when he needs to; in the meantime, I want him to be familiar with both languages. We speak mainly Italian at home (and with the grandparents), but we listen to music and watch movies in English, and obviously speak English with our local friends.

The best thing is that he’s smiling a lot now and giggling at me and L, especially in the morning when he’s well rested. Our parents will be so happy to see how much he’s changed since June!

He weighs 7.71 kg (17 pounds, as of five days ago – at 14 weeks), which puts him above the 91st percentile… he’s quite long as well, but here the doctors don’t measure the length until the baby is 9 months old, so I’m not sure – we tried to measure him at home and it’s about 62-63 cm, but obviously it’s difficult to keep him still long enough to take a proper measurement.


It’s been a year. A year since we saw that little dot on a screen (Pallino 🙂 ), since we started this incredible journey… and we loved him already, but what I feel now when I look at him it’s impossible to put in words… so much love cannot be confined in black and white.

Breastfeeding is a really special time: he recognises the words I use to ask him if he’s angry, and smiles and gets ready, a bit curled, his fists closed, head to one side – a little fighter, but with an angelic smile and sweet eyes, and it’s only the two of us, for a while. Despite my desire to have some freedom and my backache, I know I’ll miss that closeness…



4 thoughts on “Play-time and our anniversary

  1. Wow, what a big boy you have there! 😀 I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but things will physically get easier with you and with breastfeeding. It really is true, thankfully! 😉

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