(Not) a long vacation

A friend on mine asked me how I’m finding being a mum and whether the maternity leave feels like a break, a vacation. I’m sure you mums out there are laughing at the idea that looking after a baby is some sort of vacation, but those who don’t have children don’t really know what it’s like… so I’ve tried to think about it.

It’s true that I don’t have a boss to report to, I don’t have deadlines (although we do have milestones! eheh) and I can have a nap during the day now and then; time goes slowly here, ruled by the rhythm of a baby, with his feeds and naps. However the lack of sleep–especially with a baby who, like Pallino, is still waking up 2-3 times per night–the responsibility and the incredibly steep learning curve make it all more challenging than the average job. With the difference that we are “programmed” for doing this and therefore it comes somehow natural and bearable (and amazing).

I wonder what it’ll be like to go back to work, whether I’ll be able to concentrate and be efficient again… I’m sure the first weeks will be tough, then I’ll find my way… but how many of my colleagues in the meantime will think that I’m coming back from a long vacation?


2 thoughts on “(Not) a long vacation

  1. Yah – i had more than a few people ask how my vacation from work was, and when I need a day off now are sometimes like “you had three months off!” and I just want to give them a death stare. My most recent day off was to stay home with my son after his shots and he was fussy and unhappy the whole day. Certainly not a vacation! haha The first few weeks back at work were definitely the most difficult – and to be honest, I’m still figuring out how to focus and not being thinking about my baby all the time during work!

  2. Actually it is exactly the contrary! Going back to work (at a decent pace) felft as resting. And it is true even now after 18 months!! The ability to concentrate did get worse n my case, but I also found new skills in my pocket, so all in all it’s fine!
    When are you going back to work?

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