Our first family holiday!

We’ve been on holiday. It’s already hard to remember now, from a rainy London, that two days ago we were in Southern Italy, swimming in a wonderful sea and enjoying the company of our families… but that’s it, we’ve been on holiday and we’re back.


We brought Pallino to the sea for the first time: he was curious and a bit scared at first, but he didn’t cry and actually enjoyed the cold water after a while… initially we put on him one of those long sleeved UV-protection swimming suit, but he hated it. None of the babies on the beach had anything like that and when we asked their parents, they said their paediatrician actually recommended them to take the babies to the sea in the early morning without too many problems for the sun or the cold water… so after that we used swimming nappies only and he was much much happier! He is Italian after all ๐Ÿ™‚

We didn’t take him to the beach every day. There was something more important: let him spend as long as possible with his grandparents, and let mum and dad relax a bit. And so it was that after some training, I could leave them with the baby and go to the beach for an hour or so, then come back and find him laughing out loud with them… it was great to see them so happy! We spent the whole week with my in-laws and only three days with my parents and my little sister; Pallino made everyone happy with his easy smiles and giggles… and he seemed to be growing up so fast, learning new tricks everyday! Maybe I felt that way because I wasn’t with him all the time, so I could actually notice the little changes at the end of the day, or maybe it was the exposure to new people and places, but he’s changed somehow. For the whole week he woke up only once per night, around 2am, then he would sleep until 6.30-7.00am.

And I was happy. L and I managed to spend some time together, even if we didn’t have any privacy because we weren’t alone at home, but still we needed that little bit of freedom and ‘lightness’… Life would be so much easier if our families were here with us…

Today L has gone back to work and I was alone again. My phone reminded my that Pallino was due for his jabs, so I had to take him to the GP for the injections, poor thing… and it rained all day. It’s hard to come back to normality… but my little smiling angel is with me and I’m still happy.

PS. For the Italian speakers… with this post I partecipate to the initiative “Cartoline dalla vacanza” on Patato Friendlyย  ๐Ÿ™‚ย 


5 thoughts on “Our first family holiday!

  1. I feel like this after we have a day or weekend where my family is around because they do most of the entertaining and changing of diapers, etc and it’s a bit of a break for me…but i can still enjoy the social time with them and laugh at my little one and feel proud. But it’s SO hard to return from all that and get back to “real life.” We are going to the ocean at the end of the month – I’m excited to see my son’s face as he experiences the ocean and the sand in his new state of “awareness.”

    • It’ll be great, you’ll see! I love when something unexpected happens and he looks at me with an uncertain look, like “mum? should I cry?” – then I smile and he calms down… it was like that at first at the sea…

  2. Sole, sorrisi e famiglia… basta questo per essere felici ma a volte ce lo dimentichiamo!
    Grazie per la tua cartolina!:)

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