A new recruit

08:00 I was hoping to have some time to sit down and write, but Pallino has already woken up from his morning nap and all I’ve done is reading a couple of posts… anyway, let’s see if I can leave him on his Bumbo seat for a few minutes…


23:30 No, I couldn’t leave him. Let’s start again this post.

A week after coming back from holidays, we’ve gone back to only one feed per night, so I feel much better now. He’s more active during the day though, and gets bored more easily with his toys, so days are more tiring – nature has interesting ways to balance everything! It’s also more fun to play with him, and he doesn’t complain every time I put him in his pushchair, so we can go for walks (but it started raining and it’s colder outside). All good, if it wasn’t for the teeth… poor little one, it’s hard to be a baby! But let’s talk about it another time.

I had to take him to my office yesterday: they invited me to a meeting to discuss the business development plans for next year; there has been some change in the company in the last few months and it was good for me to have an update. However it was difficult to concentrate, especially because… I had to take the baby with me! he was quiet, playing with his favourite toy for about an hour; after that, he became restless and I left the meeting. I felt bad because I had to keep him quiet in a corner all that time and I couldn’t play with him… but I guess I have to get used to the idea of working AND being a mum (I mean, not the idea, I have always had the idea, but the practicality of it).







2 thoughts on “A new recruit

  1. It is a bit more work during the day time now that our babies are awake more hours of the day – and they want to be entertained! I think that when my son can sit up by himself, it will be a game changer. Because he wants to be up and see the world – but just can’t yet. We just got a floor “seat” sort of like the bumbo seat…and we have put him in it for a few minutes and he seems to really enjoy being able to sit up and play!

    • Pallino doesn’t seem to like the Bumbo seat… his legs are too chubby 😉 But we might get a jumperoo soon, I tried one at a friends place, and he liked it for a while, then got tired of staying in a standing position… I think in a couple of weeks time it will be perfect!

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