Nursery tales

We called the nurseries at the beginning of September and they asked us to call them back after a few weeks because they were still finalising the lists for the new school year. We are in two waiting lists – from November 2012, to start in January 2014: L’s workplace nursery (where we would pay half price, about £650/month for 5 days a week) and another nursery near our place, where we would pay about £1500/month. Both have good ratings and facilities.

I’ve been stressing about this the whole time. How is it possible that I have to enter a waiting list when I’ve just found out I’m pregnant (and apparently some people do it even earlier, when they start thinking about having a baby! figure booking a nursery when you’re starting an IVF cycle… not for us) and not have secured a place after a year? why don’t they open the waiting lists only a few months before? and what do I do if I don’t get a place? I wouldn’t be able to go back to work… although it is so expensive that going to work is almost pointless – I understand why many mothers quit their jobs… unless we get a place in the cheaper one, but we’ve been told that the wait there is usually about 2 years, so we need to find an alternative for the first year anyway. People advised me to go back part time the first year, I could do 4 days a week, to have some time for myself or pick him from the nursery earlier and do some activity together. But that would make our finances look even worse. It is only for a year or so, though, and I need to look after myself as well. Should we book some other nursery, in case those two don’t have any place? They all require a non-refundable deposit, of course, from between £40 and £200, in our area. Or we could find a child minder, it might be a bit cheaper. But L doesn’t want to, doesn’t trust anyone.  We’re alone, a week with our families was enough to realise what we’re missing, all the other girls have their mums or in laws able to cover them for a hour if they need, I don’t have anyone and L works long hours. Will Pallino still wake up every night next year? Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. I know I’m not the only one, nowadays it’s a luxury to live close to your family, but that doesn’t really make me feel better. We will make it. We have everything we need. How, it’s a story that I’ll discover day by day.

Second call. This is the news: there is availability for 2 days per week, Mondays and Fridays, from mid October, at the workplace nursery, and 5 days per week at the other one from January. Better that I thought. Now we have a choice: we could accept the place at the expensive nursery and wait until a full time place opens at the other one, then change. Or we could take those two days at the corporate nursery and three days at the expensive one. The second option is cheaper, but will it be more stressful for Pallino? I have no idea how he will react to going to the nursery, and this way he will have to settle in two different schools at the same time. On the other end, since we want to move eventually to the corporate nursery anyway, it will make it easier then, because he will not have to go to a completely new place. And it might be easier for him for settle in now that he is so young, than later. I’ve got another day to think about it.


4 thoughts on “Nursery tales

  1. Finding daycare/nursery is a difficult task. We were on waiting lists as well and fortunately the timing worked out for us, but we thought for awhile we were going to have to have an alternative set up for a month before a spot opened up. Its nerve wracking! I know at our school – they asked us for his schedule and they try to keep to it. So i’m not sure if that’s how it works there – but if you ended up having him at 2 different places, it would just be a matter of keeping him on his schedule. He’s still so young that he’s probably not going to notice all that much that the teachers are different as long as he’s getting his food and naptime and fun play toys!

    I guess my biggest thing would be the expense of giving the nursery all his “set up” stuff at 2 places. We had to buy crib sheets and give them supplies of diapers, wipes, toys, a crib mobile, blankets, etc. So I would check to see what all you have to supply at both places!

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