And so he moved out

I’m sure you haven’t slept thinking about me and how we got on… 

Well, Pallino fell asleep at 9.30pm with his arms outstretched, it was a pleasure to see… then woke up for his 1am feed, and again at 3.30am, but this time L went and helped him fall asleep again. And it worked! He woke up at 6.50am after that, so he didn’t need a feed between 1 and 6.50! 

I woke up a few times to check the monitor, although I didn’t need to: when there was some movement in the other room, I could actually hear it directly, and thanks to the monitor I could check that he was still safe and didn’t have to go and see…

So, hopefully he will manage to stay asleep the whole time at some point, but I’d say the experiment worked, and we all slept better! 

Oh my, less than five months and he needs his space already… 😉 


One thought on “And so he moved out

  1. So glad the experiment worked! We r traveling so daxton had to room with me last nite and he woke up several timess which is unusual. …I’m so tired! They get used to their space quickly!

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