How we made a virtue of necessity

Since Pallino was born, I tried to stick to the good advice “One thing per day”. And sometime if I manage to achieve one thing in a day, it’s a lot! Today, however, I’ve done lots of things: I had a new curtain track fitted to my bedroom (yes!! finally proper curtains!!! I’ve been hoping to remove those horrible blinds for years…), I went to the first session of a ‘Baby Sensory Class’ with Pallino (he loved it, got very excited and fell asleep as soon as we left – success!), I got my flu jab (while he was sleeping), had a hot chocolate in Costa (always good) and vacuum cleaned most of the flat.

But there’s a catch. Yesterday we had a bad surprise… a little mouse in our flat!! 😦

We are insured against ‘mice/rat removal’, so we called the insurance straight away and they said that they couldn’t do anything in the night, unless we couldn’t stay in the flat, but they would send someone in the morning. Pallino was already asleep at that time and we thought that sleeping in a hotel wasn’t necessary – we saw the mouse going to the kitchen, so we closed the kitchen door and went to sleep. I took Pallino to our bedroom, though, I wanted to be with him… however after 24 hours the mouse hasn’t been removed yet and… the kitchen door is still closed, which is why I wanted to stay out of the flat as much as possible today!  This is a bit of a joke now… I hope we find a solution tomorrow… so embarassing…


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