Little worries and old friends

So, the little mouse doesn’t actually live in our kitchen… After a sleepless night, the pest control guy said that they sometimes climb over the water pipes and enter via the clearance around the pipes. Why that is not sealed routinely goes beyond my understanding, as all the ‘small’  details that, just like that, are missing from British houses… This is such a nice and civilised country from many respects, but building good houses is unfortunately not one of those. Anyway, the mouse apparently came that one night and left straight away. We’ve got it monitored though…

This week has been quite busy and tiring: Pallino was restless most days, woke up twice every night and sometimes screams for what seems like a long time and nothing can soothe him. Teething, I guess. (He’ s also laughing out loud and I love it…)

Our trials to feed him without the breast has gone on with a Doidy cup, which has a slanted shape and should be easier for a baby to use. A few days ago he drank about 100ml from it and L and I considered it a big success; this week we tried again and he refused it, and then again and he had some 40ml. The last time the milk was warmer, so maybe that’s the issue. It’s difficult to guess the right temperature / time of day / position etc! And every time we try, I end up throwing away expressed milk, which stresses me out enormously… I had almost decided to stop trying altogether (“he’ll have to drink from the bottle or starve when he goes to the nursery, I don’t care” I said), when my old yoga for pregnancy teacher texted me that she was starting a baby massage/postnatal course and invited me to join. She must be an angel coming to rescue me… I went to the first session and discussed a bit with her and the other mums and immediately felt better. We’re going to talk about feeding and weaning in particular in a later session, but already I felt cuddled, and maybe that was what I needed most.


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