Missing out

I’m feeling better today – I still have a sore throat, but I could go out, had I slept a bit more last night… L had a few good days when he went back to work, but since yesterday he’s sneezing and coughing all the time again and today took another day off sick. And the little one is almost ok, with a runny nose and a light cough, but nothing that requires medication so far. He’s waking up more often at night though, so I feel even more tired… Yesterday I went to sleep on the sofa, L was snoring badly and I didn’t want to wake him up all the time…
This week we missed all sort of activities and reunions… But I don’t have the energy to go out…
Also, next Tuesday I’ve got my Professional Review Interview and I need to be fine then. I had about ten minutes to prepare so far, but I still have to complete my presentation (where I’m supposed to present my case, i.e.  I have worked at the appropriate level for a chartered engineer) and my plan for professional development in the future. All totally alien to me right now, apart from some vague idea. It’s mostly about discussing things I have done in the past, I just hope I’ll be able to concentrate… If only I could sleep a bit longer…


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