Lunch time!!

There’s an activity on Saturday at the Children’s centre, called “Daddy messy play” (and messy it is, judging from their clothes when they come back). Last Saturday, L and Pallino went there and came back with big smiles and potato purée all over their clothes… while playing, Pallino tasted a bit of purée and seemed to like it a lot… and so it was that we started weaning the baby! 

We started with single vegetables and fruit: first potatoes and carrots, butternut squash and parsnip, then banana and apple, one purée per day, at lunch time – L is preparing the purées at home, bless him! Potatoes and butternut squash have been the favourites so far, while parsnip was the worse (and I’m not surprised, I don’t like it at all… but it gets better when it’s mixed with something else, so next time we’ll try a different approach with it). 

I have mixed feelings about it all… it makes feeds longer and more complicated, at a time when breastfeeding is easy, and since our purpose now is to let him play, put his hands in the purée, taste new flavour, but not really eat much, I’m left with lots of things to clean afterwards, and I have to be home, so I cannot go out so easily. And maybe I’m a bit jealous that soon I won’t be all he needs anymore?

L is good, he likes cooking and he’s excited to share this passion with Pallino. For me it’s more ‘something that must be done’. So I’m not surprised that when L is at home, Pallino eats more and with more pleasure than when he’s with me alone (or is it my imagination?). 

Something that annoyed me is that until now we haven’t had a highchair, which means when I’m alone I have to keep the baby on my lap, hold the plate AND let him play and taste the food AND clean up. Tomorrow I’m going to have the highchair delivered though, so I hope that will improve my attitude! Also, with the new chair, I will be able to have my lunch with Pallino in the same room: until now I had to take him to his room (and often he would cry while I was eating) or wait until he was asleep. 

We got the OXO Tot Sprout highchair in orange/birch, which has a small footprint, necessary in our small kitchen, and becomes a chair for older children… a really nice piece of furniture!

By the way, my little baby is an angel, his expression when he tries something new is invaluable… 

PS. I went to weigh him today: at 23 weeks, he weighs 9.21 kg (20 lb 4.87oz)… still in the 95th percentile! 


One thought on “Lunch time!!

  1. Oh a highchair is going to make it so much better! We have a space saver chair that straps into an adult chair. we haven’t started solids yet (hoping to this weekend) so I haven’t gotten it out yet, but I guess that is happening sooner than later! I do agree it’s going to be difficult to transition from his only source of food to sharing….it will be good in some ways and hard in others!

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