Yesterday I spent a long time without Pallino… I had to go to the office in the morning to speak with my boss about my return to work, and it was the day of the quaterly meeting of the company, so I stayed for a couple of hours. It was good to hear that the company is doing well and to have an overview of some of the projects my colleagues have been involved with. Also it was good that they all seemed to remember me! Honestly, I don’t remember all their names…
When I went home, I just wanted to hug Pallino and keep him with me… And he smiled as soon as he saw me, which was great!

If I could wish for something, it would be to have that smile every time we meet, for the rest of our lives.

And the same day I had to go out for dinner as well! One of my friends from the antenatal class had her birthday and we all decided to go out without the babies. It was a bit weird to see them all dressed up and not have any screaming children around… Also, in this situation it was a normal group of women having dinner, and I’m not so good at entertaining people I don’t know very well, so I felt slightly embarrassed – what kept us friends so far what missing. Still, it was a pleasant evening. I had to leave at 10.30 though, to be home for the feed. Even Cinderella had more time.


2 thoughts on “Cinderella

  1. It’s good and bad to have plans without the baby. It seems to be so difficult to do anything “social” because you have to be back in time to nurse, bedtime, etc. So i totally understand. Cinderella did have more time!!

    • It’s good to remind ourselves we are individuals… I put some make-up on for the first time in many months, and it was great to see myself in the mirror and look nice!!

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