Bed routine

7.30am, Saturday. We’ve all already had breakfast, played a bit and the baby is now taking a nap. I don’t think I have ever been so awake at this hour on a Saturday morning. However I’m OK because Pallino woke up only once last night, at midnight, and then slept until 6am, so I feel like I have slept a lot today!

He’s having troubles falling asleep though, and this is bringing out a difference of opinions between L and me: he thinks we should let him crying and go to comfort him at regular intervals (what is it called? controlled crying, or something like that), while I think that when he doesn’t have a problem he sleeps on his own, so if he doesn’t sleep it means he’s not feeling very well (because of his teeth, or gas, after all he’s eating new foods every day now) and we should try to understand what is wrong and help him. Also I noticed that when I follow his routine properly, he seems to settle more easily, while yesterday, for example, L came back from work at 6.15pm and started playing with him, exciting him when he was supposed to get ready to sleep…

Our bed routine is now something like this (on a good day, not yesterday):

5- 5.30pm: breastfeed – after this I keep quiet and try to use low lights

6.30pm: bath

After the bath, I put his pj and sleeping bag on and I leave him in his cot with the cot mobile on. He plays for a while in his room, with dim lights on and the music from the mobile. When he’s fed up he starts whining a bit and I go and pick him up to tell him a story or sing, then I switch on my iPad with the “Calm” playlist on and he falls asleep. When he’s almost completely asleep, I kiss him goodnight and put him in his cot. I keep his hand or stroke his head for a couple of minutes and then I leave the room, leaving the music playing for a few minutes longer.

7.30-8pm: Pallino sleeps. He wakes up after an hour for a feed, and in most cases falls straight back to sleep, but sometimes lately we had to help him a bit more.

L comes back home around 7.30, so most nights he’s there only when Pallino wakes up for his 8.30 feed and cries…

However L has a point in that we need to make sure the situation is sustainable when I go back to work, because obviously now I don’t need to be ‘functional’ all day, so I can put up with a lot more. I should probably take note of what happens every night, to see if we can make any improvement…


PS: I started this post wanting to reflect on our third wedding anniversary, last Wednesday, but then I ended up thinking about the baby’s sleeping times… that tells it all, I guess 😉




3 thoughts on “Bed routine

  1. I think i do that all the time – start a blog post with one intention and then it goes a billion different other directions! Happy anniversary!

    I think that finding a schedule (as much of a schedule as a baby can have anyway) that is sustainable once you go back to work is smart. You will need more sleep – for sure! And there will still be days when you are up for way more and way longer than you wanted to be and still have to report to work the next day. I am with you on the CIO stuff – it’s hard to decide to do that. Our son doesn’t typically cry at night either…so when he DOES i feel like something is up! And that’s what we’re going through right now, too!

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