I told… me so

Today Pallino rolled off the bed. My bed, where I put him and then went to another room for a few minutes. He was quietly playing in the middle of the bed, and I was going back and forth to check that he was still there in the middle, but at some point he screamed and I found him on the floor… He had a scratch on his leg (must have bumped against the bedside drawer, poor thing), but seemed ok, only scared. And I know I should never leave him alone. Stupid, stupid, stupid. My little angel is going through so much, with the nursery, the new feeding schedule, the first tooth cutting (yesterday! barely visible yet), and I put him in danger like that. A mum is a person and people make mistakes. But how will I be able to accept mistakes that put my child at risk? How many times something like this will happen again? Life as a parent is tough. Awesome and tough. 


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