To the future

This morning I woke up thinking about seventeen year old me. She was at the last year of secondary school, with no idea of what she wanted to do for a living or what university to attend; she had a crash for a guy she never talked to and didn’t have many friends to go out with. She felt trapped in her home town and didn’t know how to get away. I would like to tell her that at thirty-four I have a husband I love, the most beautiful and fun son, a little flat in a lovely place and a job I like. And today I received birthday wishes from friends in six different countries. Because maybe had she known, she would have been a bit more confident, a bit less lonely.

I would like to toast to the future I didn’t know I had. Happy Birthday thirty-four year old me! 


2 thoughts on “To the future

  1. Aww! Happy belated birthday! Sorry i missed saying it on the correct day. I think hindsight is so often 20/20, I think often of all the things I “wish I’d known then” but realize if i hadn’t made those decisions then, i might not have ended up where I am now! Life is funny that way!

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