Six months of awesomeness

I’ve started this post a couple of weeks ago, to record all the great things happening in Pallino’s life this month… so here it is, as (in)complete as it can be…

Pallino at 6 months:

can sit with some help

rolls from back to tummy and then moves a bit backwards and rotates everywhere

reaches for his toys and grabs them with the entire hand

takes everything to his mouth and chews it

the first tooth is cutting, I can feel its sharp edge but it’s not visible yet

follows a fruit fly with his eyes

laughs loudly when I make funny sounds (like ‘qua-quack’ or ‘etchiú’) or sing classical music going ‘la-la-la’ (or ‘pa-pa-pa’ or whatever sounds I feel like that day) (our favourites are Ravel’s Bolero, the Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker, the Blue Danube Waltz)

doesn’t like being dressed (especially the sleeves)

loves eating fruit and vegetables purées, hates drinking milk from bottles and cups

loves when we sing The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

weighs 9.76 kg

sits in his buggy quietly watching outside when we go out (unless he’s hungry or tired)

most times if he wakes up at 4am, he manages to go back to sleep by himself

cries when I leave the room, but then often after a few seconds finds something interesting to play with and stops

his favourite soft toys are a monkey and a big Mickey Mouse

wakes up at 6-6.30 in the morning and chats with his toys for a while, practising some new sound every day (it was ‘ghiú’ yesterday and ‘tou’ today)

Update at 6 months and 2 weeks:

can sit unsupported for a little while

two teeth cut

started eating meat (blended) and cheese and yoghurt

likes dancing… moves his head and hands roughly with the music

likes to interact with other babies, pulling their clothes and touching them to attract their attention

has a very proud mum 😉


3 thoughts on “Six months of awesomeness

  1. I miss so much hearing my list one chatting to himself early in the morning. .. it was so great.
    Now is a crying “tatte tatte” (milk) and quite a bad mood every morning 😦

  2. aww! wonderful update. Isn’t it hard to believe our sons have grown up so much? I am constantly amazed! My little guy does not wake up a happy little guy. he usually gives me about 60 seconds before he starts crying because he’s hungry in the AM. I would love to get in on some of that “chatting” business instead!

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