Saturday night (and the rest of the week) fever

I haven’t written anything for a long time because Pallino was unwell… Nothing bad, just a cold and fever, but it was the first time and it went on for most of last week! The fever would reach 39 C, then go down after taking paracetamol, only to go up again after a few hours. At night I kept him in my bed, but not under the duvet, so L (who has got a cold of his own) ended up sleeping on the sofa while Pallino was on his side of the bed with a light cotton blanket only. I was afraid he would take the habit of sleeping with me and wouldn’t go back to his cot, but it’s gone quite well since the fever is over (he woke up twice last night, so I cannot say he’s sleeping through yet, but at least he hasn’t refused to stay in his room…).

Today he went back to the nursery and I was very happy to hear that he had all his breakfast and lunch and even some milk from a cup during the morning! It seems that now that he’s familiar with the place and his teacher, he’s starting to like it as well.

Obviously having spent the weekend home, I haven’t done any of the many things I needed to do before leaving on Thursday… And now I feel a bit overwhelmed. Also I haven’t written any Christmas cards yet (I considered having some printed with a picture of Pallino, but it’s too late for that too) and I haven’t put any decoration at home! The decorations are not too important because we won’t be home for Christmas anyway, but I know that people here care about receiving their cards…

This is a tradition that I don’t really like, because of the waste of paper and money and because it dispenses people from the need of actually talk to each other… I’d much rather make a phone call or make the effort to visit my friends and spend some time together than write cards. Or just send an email with my wishes to those I cannot meet. But in this Country is not like that, everyone sends cards and shows them off near the mantelpiece and that’s Christmas. It’s one of the problems of being an expat: if I don’t join in, that goes against my effords to be integrated in the society I’m living in, if I do, that goes against my effords to be sustainable and reduce waste (including my time…)

Well, I guess that’s enough of a rant… I didn’t start this post with the intention of complaining against everything, sorry!


2 thoughts on “Saturday night (and the rest of the week) fever

  1. Hope Pallino gets all the way better soon! I think we’ve had some sort of cough/cold for the past 3 months. Keep passing it back and forth at his school! We do christmas cards here too…we seem to do a photo card each year as a tradition. They do get pricey!!

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