My wishes to you


via Ruggero Settimo, Palermo

Lights, presents, trees… None of this really means much to me. I don’t like buying presents for people I know nothing of, I don’t like receiving meaningless gifts. I like the little gestures, I liked going with my father to give presents to a poor family he met when this guy was selling things at the side of the road near my father’s office and they started talking and became friends. I liked when during Mass I wasn’t going to shake people’s hands because I have a cold and didn’t want to pass it to them, and an old lady said she didn’t care and took my hand.
And I want to dedicate this post to my hometown, beautiful and troubled as always, with its amazing theatres and musicians who aren’t receiving any salary because of the never ending crisis. To Palermo, and to all of you, Merry Christmas and may the new year bring a little new sparkle of hope in your heart.


Politeama theatre, Palermo


Politeama theatre, Christmas concert


7 thoughts on “My wishes to you

  1. Avevo già lasciato un commento ma forse mi sono incasinata.
    Volevo solo ringraziarti perchè il Natale è un periodo molto particolare con molte sfumature e tu sei riuscita a coglierne di profonde su cui vale la pena riflettere…
    Tanti auguri di cuore a te e alla tua famiglia per un bellissimo 2014, ricco di gioia e amore!

  2. I arrive here late,,, (nowadaya I always arrive late.. 😦
    I like how the old lady took anyway your hand.
    Lot of respect for people in Palermo.

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