Back to work

I’m back at work. It is a bit weird because when I’m in the office it feels like nothing has changed at all (although there is a new coffee machine which makes a huge difference!). And when I tell people that I’m not sleeping much (three hours last night), they invariably reply “who has?” or “me neither, but for other reason”. Is the world actually full of sleep-deprived people or is the extent of the lack of sleep of a new mum largely underestimated? In both cases this is WRONG! 

On the home side, Pallino is teething again, the two upper front teeth now, and he’s waking up every hour at night, poor thing… Last weekend he tried to bite a wooden table in front of him and started bleeding a bit. I felt awful, but I think it was one of the upper teeth that cut the gum from the inside : (

Today he’s starting in the second nursery. We went yesterday for an hour and he was OK with the carer, hopefully he’ll be fine today…

Yesterday was also my first day off work in the middle of the week. I had so many things to do that I had no time to rest at all! It feels good to have some time for myself and Pallino during the week. I’m also happy that L is taking a day off too to stay with him, they started a swimming class on Tuesday and it went well. I just hope that we can afford it or it will create more problems than it solves. Now I’ve changed my contract to work 4 days a week, while L has an arrangement to take unpaid leave once a week until April, with the possibility to extend it until September if we don’t get another day in one of the nurseries. We are allowed to take unpaid leave to cover emergencies or illnesses of our children, with a limit in the maximum number of days we can take per year, but since L wanted a regular arrangement, he had to get his manager’s agreement. 



5 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. Teething sucks so much!!! Daxton keeps biting his upper lip with his new bottom teeth and it bleeds! Going back to work is definitely a change, huh? But take advantage of those days you get leave with P – I know I enjoy them so much!

      • I am seriously moved and even proud. That’s the exact reason I have been writing about, then at some point I stopped and now I think it’s a pity.
        So happy for you. It’s not easy for men to agree with this, I guess they can do it only if we are extremely sure about what we want.

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