All new, all the same

Another day off, another hectic day… I managed to do lots of things today, including a dentist appointment, a music and dance class with Pallino (I didn’t like it though, it was for older children I think… new week I’ll try a different one) and a coffee with a friend. Now that I’m back at work while the other girls are still on leave, I want to make sure we don’t lose touch, but that implies doing more things in the same day…

The best moment of the day, though, is when we wake up and I DON’T have to leave straight away, but I can cuddle my Pallino – who, in the early morning, is really really lovely: good mood, pink round cheeks, happy to be cuddled… it makes you forget the worst night! 

He’s still not sleeping through, talking about nights. Only twice in the last couple of weeks he managed to go back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night without my help, all other nights he needed me or L (but with L it takes longer for some reason…) to at least take his hand, or he starts screaming louder and louder. He wakes up ‘only’ twice per night, however, when he is not teething at least. 

At work I still don’t have a proper project to work on, so my colleagues are throwing at me any tedious task they don’t want to do. I’m the cheapest in the group, in terms of hourly rate, so my time is much less valuable than theirs. I’m sure this situation won’t last long and soon I’ll be busy, but I feel just like when I first started (non long ago, admittedly). Also, my application to become chartered has not being accepted. I received the letter from the institution at the end of November, but I never mentioned it, I tried not to think about it until I returned to work. This, coupled with the fact that I’m quite old to have such a low grade in the company (and the two things are probably related) makes me a bit sad, but I can’t change it. And now with Pallino I’m not going to put in lots of hours of work to improve my chances of a promotion any time soon. I still have his smile in the morning though! 


2 thoughts on “All new, all the same

    • È l’abilitazione professionale. In Italia l’ho presa subito dopo la laurea, bastava un esame. Qui inviene è richiesto di dimostrare un certo livello di responsabilità ed esperienza in una serie di competenze.

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