Eight months and a bit

Eight months and a week… now Pallino wears 12-18 months clothes, can clap his hands easily and with the music, loves to play with a tambourine and any story with monkeys or little pigs in them ūüėõ

He is not crawling forward yet, but he can move backwards quite well

He drinks from a cup, both milk and water, and¬†eats¬†everything: pasta, bread, meat, vegs, fruit, biscuits, yoghurt… I wish I could give him what we eat, but there is always added salt and I prefer to prepare food for him without any of it. At nursery he’s trying different foods and textures and the teacher tells me that he’s always eating most of what they prepare. Considering that my main concern was about him not drinking enough milk during the day, I can say now in a month he managed to adapt very well to the nursery and to the new diet (including less breastfeeding and drinking from the cup).

Today he did this hilarious game… Mum was trying to put on his socks. He would wait she was nearly done and, only then, move back his leg, look at mum and laugh out loud. And repeat again and again. Isn’t it funny? He was so happy that I actually had to laugh myself… Now his personality is coming out more clearly, clever and sweet,¬†and I love him¬†even more, he reminds me¬†so much of L!

At work I’m starting to do more interesting things, which is great, but I’m also getting busier and sometimes it’s hard to leave at 4.30 (I’m working from 8.30 to 4.30 with half an hour lunch break, so that I can pick Pallino up at 5), but I don’t want Pallino to wait longer and if I leave the office after 4.30, I get stuck in traffic a lot longer, so I don’t have a choice.

This morning I had a meeting with an advisor from the professional institution regarding my application for chartership. Apparently I didn’t pass for a very little margin, and I just need to add some experience to my application and re-send it in 18 months. He’s a nice friendly person, it was nice to talk to him. He said the baby will help me put things in perspective and now I should spend with him as long as possible, because children grow up so quickly and everything else is not as important!

And this last point takes me to the last thing I want to write: we got a call from one of the nurseries with an offer of another day there. We had a few hours to decide if we wanted to take it. Now Pallino goes to the nurseries three days a week, stays with daddy one day, and one day with me. Another day in the nursery would disturb this arrangement now… and neither L or I want to give up our privilege to stay with him one day, not for a few months at least. On the other hand, we’ve been in a waiting list for ages and refusing a place might mean that they’re not going to call us again… The phone call felt like a scene in the movie The Devil’s Advocate… We tried to estimate what would be convenient money-wise (working part-time is a loss, but the nursery is very expensive anyway and the difference is not so big), but there is no obvious answer. At the end we declined the offer, and will enjoy our one-to-one time with the little one a bit (or a lot) longer!!


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