Ordinary no-sleep and extraordinary events

We’ve slept 3-4 hours per night in the last week. Pallino seems fine, but he wakes up at 1am and can’t go back to sleep until 3-4am every night. L and I try to take turns, but neither of us can sleep for long anyway. In the last couple of nights his temperature was 37 – 37.5 C, and yesterday he had one eye a bit red and swollen, but whatever it is, it’s not developed in anything recognisable yet. 

This morning he woke up alright and I was feeling knackered, so I took a day off. We had breakfast at home (I wanted to make sure he was OK) and after that I took him to the nursery, I went to the supermarket and back home to rest a bit. I didn’t actually sleep, but I tidied up the house a bit (yes, we women can’t help it, can we? if I were L I would have slept the whole time and not even set foot into the kitchen), I lied in bed half an hour and now I’m writing and… it’s almost time to pick him up already! 

This week two significant events happened. The washing machine broke in the middle of a wash. Joy. I think I know what’s wrong with it and I found a youtube video on how to fix it. And I’ve ordered the spare part I need online. This is going to be hilarious. 

The second event is a lot more significant. My sister had her second baby yesterday! It’s a lovely girl, and if everything is well we will go and visit them tomorrow. It takes about two and half hour driving to get there, so we will stay in a hotel tomorrow night. Please Pallino, sleep. 

My sister is not in a good relationship with our parents. I can’t remember if I talked about them here. Actually I wouldn’t really be able to describe what happened, so there is not much to say, apart that they barely speak. But most importantly, my sister banned them from her house. They can meet but not at her place. Considering that they live in another country, this constraint makes it quite difficult for them to meet in general. Why I’m talking about that? Because the birth of my little niece caused a lot of happiness AND a lot of unhappiness in our family. Because we cannot really share the joy of this miracle. Because I’m allowed to go and see them whenever I want and when I speak with my mother I know she’s jealous and sad and disappointed. So I have mixed feeling myself, although when I knew she was in hospital I was anxious all the time and I felt incredibly happy when she gave the good news. I was at work, smiling and almost dancing along the corridors… I’m upset with her for how she’s treated me for many years, I hate the way she’s making our parents suffer, and yet I can’t help but love her. 



3 thoughts on “Ordinary no-sleep and extraordinary events

  1. Sorry for not much sleep. It’s rough!
    Congrats on your sister’s healthy delivery! I’m sorry there is drama in your family, I know it only too well, international also. My family are a bit jealous that they don’t get to see Paxlet when they want (except via Skype) and it makes me a bit sad too. But, such is the life I chose when I moved half a world away.

    I hope you get to see your sister and the newest member of the family. And you get some sleep!

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