The world is his oyster

I’m feeling a bit better today. Actually, a lot better, I even cleaned the house. The nasty throat infection is now a common cold and sore throat, although I still get a bit dizzy if I go out, so I’m taking it slow and staying home. 

Pallino is not liking it, to have his mum out of order, and claims his cuddles every time he sees me… or this is what I want to see, because I’m definitely missing the cuddles. 

However, nothing can stop him and… he started crawling a few days ago, just when he turned 9 months!! He also stands up in his bed and jumps up and down holding the bars, then gets tired and releases the bars and falls down bumping his head. I wonder how many bumps he’ll need before learning to sit down before releasing the bars, or stand on his own… 

Truth is, I’m very proud and he’s very proud too! He seems so happy to move around and show us what he can do, it melts my heart. I sent the grandparents a video and they were moved too… my parents are coming to visit us next week, they can’t wait to see him… L’s parents will be here for his birthday, unless they have any health issue, I really hope they can make it. It would be really nice to share with all of them these news, before the summer!

L took him to take his weight and height today: 10.94 kg and 74 cm, i.e. 98th and 91st percentile respectively. Will he be tall? My father is very tall, while L is quite short…



One thought on “The world is his oyster

  1. Bello leggere dei progressi di pallino e spero che tu ti riprenda in fretta . Ed anche che i nonni riescano a venire per il compleanno del pupo. Wow, un pupo bilingue , una gran cosa … A prestissimo

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