Faster than life

Two weeks of antibiotics and now I’ve got a sore throat… I could do with a week of good weather, that would help a lot!
Pallino is moving faster every day and he’s a pleasure to watch. Now that he can reach anything he sees, he’s happy to play on his own, although not for long. On the other side, he requires more supervision because he’s still not very stable and tends to look for trouble everywhere… Why playing with his toys when daddy’s laptop is on a coffee table over there?!
I’m breastfeeding only in the morning when he wakes up. I stopped the evening feed about a week ago and he didn’t seem to miss it much, so I’m a bit more relaxed in the evening, since L can effectively do the whole bed routine without me. I could even go out sometimes… I can’t believe L and I still haven’t had a date night since he was born. We had planned one two weeks ago, and then I fell ill and had to cancel. Now my parents are coming to visit us for a few days, hopefully we’ll be able to leave Pallino with them for a few hours.
I’ve started volunteering with the local branch of the National Childbirth Trust. I was looking for something to do that wasn’t looking after my baby, cleaning the house, spending money and watching the world go by. I found that they were looking for a webmaster, so there I go. It’s not much, but I feel a bit more useful to the society around me, and it’s fun (for a geek like me). And I can do it at night whenever I have time.
I’ve also started a yoga course online: I’m already doing Pilates with an instructor once a week on Saturdays, but if for any reason the class is cancelled I really miss it, or rather my back misses it… Will I keep going? Let’s say that my writing it here is a sort of commitment to myself… I’ll keep you posted!


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