Sleep training

And the new challenge is… Sleeping through the night! Not new really… But now I definitely need to do something about it, because Pallino wakes up every night at 3.30 and doesn’t sleep again until 4.30 and in my arms. And my alarm clock goes off at 6.30 (when he wakes up for the day anyway).

I’ve tried to understand what’s wrong and the only issue I can think of is that most times he falls asleep in the rocking chair with me.  I guess at night when I’m not there he can’t fall asleep on his own.
So I’ve started to put him in his bed awake. I’ve stayed in his room these first couple of days, but the plan is to leave him earlier and earlier until he doesn’t need me to sleep. Easier to say the do, but no matter what I have to help sleep better. He’s also in a much better mood after a good night sleep, it’s not just about me!

Needless to say that hearing him crying even for five minutes and not being able to pick him up feels cruel… (I wouldn’t let him cry badly for a long time, anyway)

Next week I have to stay away overnight for work. I’m going to miss him for sure. But, hey, I’LL SLEEP!!


5 thoughts on “Sleep training

  1. Ciao! There is a book that helped me (and lots of my friends) to sleep train their children. It’s called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr Marc Weissbluth. It is worth a try.

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