First date

We asked his nursery teacher. We left the office on time (how come when I’ve got things to do at home, leaving the office at the right time suddenly seems impossibly early? All deadlines and meetings and priorities materialise on that day?) and went home to prepare something to eat… for her. And there she was, and off we went: the first evening out leaving Pallino with a babysitter!

We had chosen an event close to our place, just to try, so it wasn’t anything glamorous, but nice: a tasting of wine and chocolate at L’s workplace. The combination of wine and chocolate is apparently a controversial topic, and you’ll love it or hate it. I liked it only with a sweet dessert wine. But then I’m not a wine expert at all (and honestly I don’t know much about chocolate either: the amount of chocolate one can eat doesn’t qualify, unfortunately).

Wine and chocolate aside, it was nice to spend an evening out of the house. Next time we might venture a bit further and go to the theatre, hopefully!


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