A day of Spring

Spring. Time for hayfever for me, but also of sunny days and sudden rain… The little one has been sleeping less than usual last week, one night he woke every single hour. But he also has red cheeks, lots of drooling and he touches his ears often, so… teething again, I’d say. Yesterday night he woke up only once, at 2.30am as usual, but went back to sleep relatively easily.

I feel it’s been a while since I recorded Pallino’s progress, so here’s a typical (or rather a best scenario) day lately:

6.30 He wakes up, sometimes plays on his own until 7 before crying. Usually L picks him up and changes his nappy and then brings him to me. Pallino doesn’t want to be breastfed straight away anymore, it’s sort of “nice to have” but not necessary now. However it doesn’t bother me, it’s a nice moment of cuddles, when I massage his arms and legs and head and he loves it. So I’m still breastfeeding him in the morning, probably I’ll go on for another month or so. After that, it’s time for more cuddles, my little baby looks at me and touches my face and hands and lets me hug him for a few minutes… you guessed, it’s my favourite time of day! We then play in his room with his books and toys: his favourites are the book Chu’s Day (by Neil Gaiman, I definitely recommend it!) and a soft rattle ball. He can now throw the ball and one of our games (to tire him out) is to take the ball, run to another room, ask him to follow us and then throw the ball at him. He then takes the ball and throws it back. And we take it, run to another room etc. The downside it’s that L and I are also tired at the end 😉

8.15-8.30 Breakfast with cereals and milk and fruit (for example one weetabix, 3 oz (90 ml) milk, half a pouch of fruit purée or three dried apricots mashed). Before of after breakfast sometimes he takes a nap (20-30 minutes): if it’s a working day, it’d be in the buggy on the way to school.

10.30 snack time, 7 oz (210 ml) milk

12.00 lunch

2.30 snack (milk again)

5.00 (at the nursery, at home it’s always later, around  6-6.30) dinner, then bath (with babbles and ducks!), pj and some more cuddles before going to bed at 7.30.

During the day we play in the house or go out to the playground or to the swimming and music classes or to the library. He likes to watch all the dogs and deers and birds and squirrels in the park  (actually I’m not sure about the squirrels, they move fast, so I point at them but I’m not sure he follows – same for the birds, but I always try to make him listen to their sounds.)

He’s now experimenting with his cup, taking it by the handles and drinking on his own. It’s messy and he doesn’t drink that much, but he’s doing it right and we’re all very proud of it! Same with food, he’s starting to pick up the spoon and feed himself (even more messy but I can see he wants to do the right thing, just needs a bit more time to coordinate mind and body.)

Crawling is now very easy for him. I notice that he keeps one knee high, leading the movement with that leg, while almost drags the other one, but it’s a slight difference, not an issue I’m sure. He can also stand up holding on anything (and sometimes tries to hold on something flimsy and falls back bumping his head…) and cruise all across the rooms. We’ve been busy trying to child-proof all the drawers and cupboards, especially the ones with chemicals in the kitchen and bathroom. I’m using different types of locks, I’ll review them after a few months – at the moment they all look nice and efficient, but will they resist after some time of being forced by us when we forget they’re there and by the little one trying to open the doors?

He can say “mama”, mostly when he’s in distress, and a few other syllables, and he recognises quite a few words and reacts to them. In the bath, I tell him to close his eyes when I’m going to wash his hair and he does, but it could be that he reacts to my movements rather that the words. He certainly recognises his names and loves to play peek-a-boo, hiding under scarves and objects and then laughing! In the morning when I stroke him, I say “good morning  shoulder, good morning feet etc” for every part of his body I touch, so hopefully he’s learning those words (and that mum loves every bit of him) as well.

Overall, Pallino is irresistible… funny, clever, cuddly, beautiful. Trust me, I’m his mum! And it’s still and always be a miracle to have him with me.

It’s Sunday and I’m going to… sneeze away in the park, so have a good weekend everyone!


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