Sleep training – continued

Looks like sometimes parents need to be trained, not children.

When workingmuminlondon suggested that I read the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr Marc Weissbluth, I learned one basic but incredibly good principle: when a baby does not sleep well (including when they wake during the night), probably it’s because they are overtired. Now I’m oversimplifying and there’s a lot more in the book, so do read it if you are interested.

We adults respond to over-tiredness by becoming irritable and all other symptoms you certainly know if you have children… but also we don’t sleep well, or it takes us a lot longer to fall asleep. Babies have greater problems, because they go from tired to overtired more easily, and they (actually, we) don’t realise it until it’s too late. So, if a baby goes to sleep overtired, doesn’t sleep well.

Based on this idea, I decided to try and put Pallino to bed at 6.30pm instead of 7.30. That means, for me, rushing back from work to pick him up, fill the bath as soon as I arrive home, and put him to bed straight after his bath. What happened?

Well, he cried about 1 minute and then fell asleep. He cried for another minute about an hour later, but went back to sleep on his own, and then… HE SLEPT UNTIL 6.30am!!!!!!!!

I couldn’t believe anticipating bed time would produce such an immediate improvement… and yes, he’s slept through since, it’s been more than a week already.  I have been able to cook for dinner, have dinner, watch a DVD with L, do some work, read (well, now I want to finish that book) and I COULD sleep through the night too… unfortunately, it’s taking me some time to be able to sleep normally again, after so many months of interrupted sleep. I think I need some sleep training myself now…

I’d like to thank workingmuminlondon for recommending me to read that book, so I encourage you to have a look at her blog, it’s full of fantastic reviews and useful recommendations! 🙂




4 thoughts on “Sleep training – continued

  1. Oh the bliss of uninterrupted sleep! The earlier bedtime helped us,too. But now it seems we are going the other way. It certainly is about listening to your kids cues although they are hard to interpret.

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