Holidays with friends?

We had decided to spend Easter with friends this year. We used to travel on our own, organising our holidays more or less at the last minute and it was already quite hard to find days when both L and I were free, so considering other people’s needs into the equation has always proven impossible…

However since Pallino was born we haven’t had almost any social life, so when these friends, an Italian couple with a toddler and expecting another baby in June, asked us to do something together, we thought it might be a good idea, provided that we chose a place close to theirs, in case she was unwell at any point. Also we were curious to see how Pallino would react to having a toddler around for a few days!  

The place we chose was Cannes, in South of France. They live in Genoa, Italy, a couple of hours driving from Cannes. We booked an apart-hotel, to stay all together (especially after the children’s bed time!). Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

I had been in Cannes once. It was for a conference, during my PhD. The only international conference I attended to during the PhD, for various reasons. I travelled with my supervisor, with whom I didn’t have a good personal relationship, so I was basically alone. He must have thought I wouldn’t be happy to spend time with him, and ignored me the whole time – I’m sure with the noble intention of allowing me to socialise with other young researchers, but it left me feeling lonely. I’m the kind of person who was always behind the guide at school trips, to give you an idea. To add to this, it rained the whole time. In Cannes, in May. Last but not least, an old Russian professor decided I was the more beautiful women of the conference and tried to hit on me every time he saw me, despite my attempts to disappear. So I had my personal reasons to go back there and restore my memories of the place!

Well, a few days before the holidays, our friends child had a bad cold and fever. He was unwell for the whole week and they decided to cancel the journey at the last minute. We went anyway, hoping that they would come later – after all, they only had to drive a couple of hours. But no, they stayed home. And L and I had some stomach bug when we were there

Despite this, it was good to be away for a few days, we slept more and enjoyed Pallino’s curiosity for everything new. He ate well, slept well and smiled all the time… The perfect travel companion! The only slight problem was that he goes to bed at 6.30, which means we couldn’t go out after that time, when it would be nice to walk by the sea. But that made us go to bed earlier, which was good for us I think.
Overall, nothing went as planned, even the weather was not that good, but somehow I felt energised when I returned home.
We still dream of a holiday with friends though…


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