Magic London…

I’m finding very difficult to find time to write these days… I keep “writing posts in my mind”, but it’s always when I’m walking/working/playing with Pallino/in bed!

I had a long weekend last week, Monday was a bank holiday and I don’t work Tuesdays, so it feels like a mini holiday! On Sunday I took some time off and spent the day with my friend Al – I wrote about her in this post. She used to organise walks around London, mostly around the Capital Ring : it’s a ring of almost 80 miles connecting parks and pedestrian paths along the Thames… it’s one of the magic things of London, I think Al walked most of it! I missed all the walks in the last couple of years, because I was pregnant first and exhausted later, so I was very keen of joining one last walk before she left… I suggested we visited the London Wetland Centre and the Isabella Plantation in Richmond park, and we couldn’t make a better choice! I’ll leave the pictures to speak for me… Image ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Image


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