Happy Birthday!

Pallino’s first birthday was yesterday… a year ago we had just come back from the hospital. He had a tongue-tie so we had to go straight from the hospital where he was born to another hospital where there was a doctor able to cut it that day, and I don’t know how I managed to walk and stay out and about until the evening! And I don’t know how I made it that night in the hospital, with the baby who couldn’t feed because of his tongue-tie, and my stitches and my general weakness after the haemorrhage I had during the delivery. So, was it the best day of my life? I wouldn’t say that, no. But I do remember seeing him for the first time, and holding him and loving him. And that feeling has accompanied me for the whole year and it will for ever. Happy birthday my little love!


This week we have L’s parents with us, and Pallino is being spoiled all the time… lots of presents, new games, cuddles, a week long party! In adult-life though, it’s been a disastrous week: L and I have been unwell since the beginning of last week, and Pallino has got chicken pox!! L has been coughing horribly for ten days and the doctor said is nothing, but he can’t sleep (and he’s sleeping on the sofa, otherwise I wouldn’t sleep either, but I miss him!). I had some stomach bug, or IBS, I don’t know, but I wasn’t able to eat anything for a week and I started feeling weak and irritable. Now it’s getting better, but I’d like to have a week off to rest… and instead I will have to catch up with the work I haven’t done when I was sick. Pallino is been the best so far: he’s covered in spots, luckily so far not on his face, but he doesn’t seem to be much bothered, he’s not scratching himself. He is a bit more irritable and sometimes he can’t go to sleep as easily as usual, but overall he’s doing very well. And he cannot go to the nursery, so he’s spending all the time playing with us and his grandparents, and he’s loving it! I must say I’m glad he caught it now, chicken pox is much worse for older children or adults (my mum had it when my sister and I had it and it was horrible for her, I still remember it…) Unfortunately L’s parents are leaving on Sunday, so next week we’re on our own, and if he cannot go to the nursery we will have to take turns to look after him. We both missed some important deadlines this week when we were sick and now it’s not going to be easy. 


Pallino has received some good presents, a few books, a talking farm, a vtech crawling ball… but really the time with the grandparents is the best, they are great together! The only thing that is annoying me is that every time they notice some clever thing that he does, she goes “Oh, the nursery teacher must be very good! Look at what he can do” and I think, well maybe his mum and dad are very good too, aren’t they?? She said that even when he showed that he understood something in Italian, which obviously he has not learnt at the nursery! Ok, enough moaning, they are helping me so I shouldn’t complain. And it’s only for a week. 



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