Pallino at 1 year

Time to write about Pallino’s progress at 1 year!!

Everything changes so naturally that it’s hard to keep track, especially because for him there is no past: one day he can walk, and yesterday when he couldn’t has never happened… I observe it and I’m totally amazed.

He’s a good eater so far. He tries everything, likes most foods and fruits (he’s not very keen on sweetcorn and strawberries at the moment) and recently has started feeding himself with his spoon! but that is subject to his mood, today for example he didn’t even try… I guess it’s nice to be served, isn’t it? He drinks from his Doidy cup without help and soaks his biscuits in the milk before eating them while looking at me to check that it’s ok (hilarious). 

Our routine (for food) goes like this:

7.15-7.30 breakfast with milk and cereals (usually Weetabix) and a fruit poach or soft dried fruit or fresh fruit in small pieces;

10.00 snack – 7 oz formula (but I will start to give him cow’s milk soon) and a couple of biscuits or yoghurt and fruit;

12.00 lunch – anything we’re having, plus fruit;

15.00 snack (as above);

17.00 dinner (as above).

We used to take him to the nursery for breakfast, but now he can’t wait so long in the morning, and he likes to have a nap after breakfast, so we give him breakfast at home and then we take him to the nursery. If one of us is working from home, we let him sleep at home and we take him to the nursery later… this way he can sleep even a hour and a half, while at the nursery he wakes up after 30 minutes! He’s so sweet… when he sees me next to him in my bed at his nap time, he smiles and goes to sleep. But if I put him in his bed, he can’t sleep much. I know I should not encourage this behaviour, but we have our routine when we are home, and he’s got his own routine at the nursery, where it’s so much noisier, no wonder he can’t sleep long there! And I love to sleep next to him (or work or read after he’s fallen asleep). It’s those moments when he looks at me and our eyes say how much we love each other that are really precious… there are no words to describe it.

Another of these moments is after his bath, when he’s got his bathrobe on and I’m drying him. He starts hugging me and kissing me!! So I get to be cuddled at night time…

In terms of language development, I expect him to take his time for various reasons, mainly that he’s bilingual and that his mum was a perfectionist who hated to do things wrong (I was terrible… rumour has it that I started talking and I couldn’t pronounce some sounds properly. When somebody corrected me, I stopped talking until I was able to do it well. Same with walking. And I haven’t changed much later… now I’m aware of it and I try to handle things differently, because it’s experience that makes you good and if you don’t try you don’t get any experience… it took me a long time to understand that, but it’s not my natural learning style.)

Having said that, he started saying mama and papa some time ago, but lately he’s grunting all the time, but not saying any words. He shows understanding of many words though, so I guess his brain is processing it all!

He loves books. When we are together he always picks a book and gives it to us to read. And he follows carefully the stories. His favourite is still Chu’s Day, by Niel Gaiman, he’s never tired of it! We have a panda soft toy and he recognises him from the book and hugs and sends him kisses…

And he’s walking. Quite confident but not very stable yet, however he’s on the move at all times. And keeping him safe is harder and harder! He looks like a mini-Godzilla (with sound effects, if you add the grunting), adorable 🙂




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