Some time ago I decided to take a short holiday by myself after stopping breastfeeding… Well I stopped a couple of months ago and now my bags are packed to go and see my best friend in Portugal!
I don’t think I wrote of when I stopped breastfeeding. Pallino one day was not interested at all. Looking at me like he couldn’t understand why I was offering the breast. So I never offered anymore, and he never complained! So difficult to start, and so easy to stop… Now I can tell that the only time I had problems since I started reducing the number of breastfeeds was at the beginning, when I dropped some of the feeds but at irregular intervals: I was feeding him early in the morning, then late in the afternoon and again before going to bed, and a couple of time I ended up being engorged… Not pleasant at all. When I went down to twice a day, every 12 hours, everything was fine. Anyway, we made it to 10 months, and I’m happy that the decision to stop was his as well as mine.
And now back to my journey… Right now I’m going to the airport and I feel nervous and I miss him already… He will be fine with his dad, but he’ll realise something is strange… So here is another time when happiness cannot be just happiness.


2 thoughts on “Me-time!

  1. I had a similar experience with the end of breastfeeding. Pistacchio was very quite and peaceful in deciding to switch to the bottle.
    And even to quit it, few months ago. Also getting rid of nipples and bottles is a great step!!
    i also had a trip with girlfriends by then… and another this year. Pure oxygen!!!

    • We use bottles only as measuring jars… Pallino always refused to drink from them! And now it’s useful, he’s already drinking from cups without lid 🙂 This week L is at a conference and I feel exhausted, I’m looking forward to the next holiday (but with the rest of the family this time, I miss L…)

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