We were in a bookshop, trying to find some good books for Pallino, when he grabbed a cat soft toy and started saying CAT, CAT! He didn’t let go of the cat for a second last weekend… yes, we had to take him with us… so his first proper word, apart from mama and papa, has been CAT. And we don’t even have any pet! I’m really amazed at the connection between children and animals: he lights up when he sees a dog, or a cat, or any other animal, and now it looks like cats are his favourites.  

The cat he got from the bookshop is Mog – I didn’t know the stories until then, but something tells me I’m going to have to get the books quite soon… 

PS. his carer at the nursery told me today that he’s also starting to say BOOK… interestingly, another word in English. Maybe because mum and dad understand anyway? 



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