Good to know

The sun is finally shining in London, and I’m packing my suitcase again. But more on this in another post.
We had a strange week. Pallino had his 12 month immunisation on Monday. It was the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) and had a fever for 48 hours after that… So L and I had to juggle work and looking after him until Thursday. We worked half days, since none of us could disappear from work completely this week. Actually it turned up quite well for me, because I had a couple of well defined things to do, which required input from other colleagues; by working half days, I could send the documents to them and find their comments the following day!
One night, Pallino started whining in his sleep. I went to his room and picked him up, he was hot… The temperature was around 39, and after I picked him up, he was sick. We got worried, since we weren’t expecting the reaction to the immunisation to last so long. So we called 111. It’s a service of the nhs, for emergencies which don’t necessarily require an ambulance. Basically, you can speak with a doctor 24/7 and they ask you questions to check if something serious is going on. It wasn’t, but they said it was a good idea to go the hospital to have him checked. It was midnight and Pallino had finally fallen asleep. I hated to wake him up, but he enjoyed the adventure at night time, he looked through the car window pointing at all the street lamps and the moon and the stars… We got to the hospital and… a nurse told us that it’s normal to have fever for up to 7 days after an immunisation, and that being sick was a consequence of the fever, nothing to worry about!! So it looks like the doctor at 111 didn’t have this information. Or when we called 111 we were more worried and we gave him the idea that the situation was worse than it was. I don’t know, but I had to go out at midnight with Pallino for nothing and I didn’d like it one bit.

So I thought it was good to share this experience…


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