Cat – the real thing

Four days in Italy flew away in a blink. Not a proper holiday for me, as L was not with us and Pallino and I were staying at my parents, and I had to renew my passport, which involved half a day of going from one office to another… However I had a good time and I relaxed a bit. Not much physically, as Pallino woke up very early every morning and I was chatting with my sister until very late every night… but I had a good time. Pallino spent all the time exploring the house (with me shadowing him to save his life… given all the sharp corners, porcelain dolls, cables etc.), but the most exciting adventure was that my parents have a cat, and Pallino loves cats!! He chased the cat everywhere, shouting “Ca’! Ca’!”. The cat, in turn, was curious about him, but wanted to keep his distance, so when Pallino went too close, he moved away and once scratched him a bit. I was worried that Pallino might be put off by this, but he cried for about 10 seconds, and then shouted “Ca’!” and looked for it again! It was hilarious to see them…

I spent quite a lot of time with my little sister Layla. From this point of view, it was good that L was not with me, I had more time for her, and, as always, I loved it. We spoke about what she’s studying at uni, my pilates exercises, her experiments with preparing her own make-up (she made a lip balm for me!) and lots of other things. Our middle sister and her little daughters happened to be there as well, staying with her in-laws, and came to spend the Sunday with us. She’s still behaving weirdly with our family unfortunately and not much progress has been made – the reasons are not clear (other than a generic “I’ll show you I can make it without you”, I suppose) and nobody is happy, but that’s the way it is. 

Flying alone with Pallino was a tough experience. He wanted to move all the time and put everything in his mouth (including the pringles that the child a few rows up dropped on the floor), the plane was full and he was too excited to be interested in books… On the return journey he didn’t want to eat much, and finally threw up in the taxi when we were almost home! Both L and I suffered badly with travel sickness when we were children, so I can understand… next time I’ll wait a bit after landing and before getting on the taxi, maybe all together is worse.

All in all, I loved spending a week with Pallino!! 🙂  


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