Party in the green

We’re having a lovely summer this year-not as warm as last year (when I was breastfeeding and couldn’t stand the heat) but some days are really good and I love to spend them outdoor.
Today there was a fair at the green close to our place, so we decided to go with one of our nct friends and their child. There was music and soap bubbles and people selling books and toys and cupcakes and games for older children… It was a bit cloudy but that made it easier for us to stay there around lunch time. Pallino had a great time, he danced and ran around and made friends with all the people around us and clapped his hands at the end of each song… The heart of the party! It’s wonderful to see him, so sociable and full of energy and friendly… After two hours there, he fell asleep on his buggy and slept for hours… That was a nice Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Party in the green

  1. Isn’t it so amazing to see our babies turn into toddlers who can run and play and Interact? I keep thinking back to last summer and comparing notes.such major changesd

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