Do you have the feeling that two weeks on holiday make your child grow up six months? I do.

We stayed with my in laws, in a small village by the sea; my parents came for a few days too. Nothing fancy, but a long sandy (although with pebbles near the sea) beach, with grandma cooking fresh local products and grandad playing with Pallino all day long…

The first few days, L and I needed some time to understand how to survive the holiday without damages (sunburns, heat strokes, drowning…), while Pallino was busy settling into a new routine: in the UK is normal to go to bed at 6.30-7pm at his age, while in Italy that doesn’t work. It’s simply too hot in the early afternoon and so children sleep, while they play until late in the evening. Indeed, the local soft play opened at 6.30pm! Add that it took some time for us (L and I) to adjust to the change in rhythm (from the hectic everyday life to “there is nothing to do but sleep, eat and go to the sea”… it seems easy, but we had to make an effort) and basically our holiday started after about a week!

Pallino had fun all the time, though. He played with his grandparents, he loved the food, including fish that we don’t normally eat in the UK and plenty of fresh fruit and vegs; he met children on the beach and played a bit with them (they would play next to each other, actually, but he’s starting to interact with other children more and more, especially with older children when they take the initiative), which gave us the opportunity to exchange a few words with the parents; he enjoyed being at the centre of everyone’s attention for two weeks and learned many new words in Italian.


Back home, he came back to the old routine quite easily, but he cried when we dropped him off at the nursery every day…

New words (he doesn’t pronounce them perfectly well, but enough to be understood): “aereo” (plane – he says “aeeeio”, hence the title of this post!), “tamburo” (drum), “mare” (sea), “nonno” (grandad), “cacca” (poo – that’s a useful one!!), “gamba” (leg), “scarpa” (shoe), puppy (he got a new soft toy from his grandmother and it immediately became his second favourite one, the first is still CAT).



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