A little accident

Last Sunday, my day was supposed to start with a cappuccino in bed and cuddles and instead… Pallino decided to start walking on my bed and pick up a toy from the floor and ended up felling off and bumping his head on the radiator, cutting his forehead.

We went straight to A&E, the cut was quite deep and I couldn’t tell if he hurt his eye as well… Fortunately, it was not so bad, they just cleaned it and applied some kind of glue which stopped the blood almost immediately (no stitches). Pallino was in a good mood (only a bit overexcited by this whole business of “going into mum’s car in the early morning instead of having breakfast”), but he didn’t show any worrying signs like drowsiness or vomit, and the eye was unaffected.

I was shaken for the whole day. Picking up your child from the floor with his face covered in blood is hard (figure if you’re still half asleep in bed on a Sunday morning at 7am). I did the right things, though: I stopped the blood, I went to the hospital, I didn’t panic (outside. Inside my heart was the size of a peanut).


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