A lovely Autumn morning

September is coming to an end and London is greeted by a blue sky and temperatures around 20 C… this time in the past years I would start to switch the central heating on in the evening and instead I’m still going out without a jacket! I don’t know if this is just a fluctuation of the weather conditions, but summer is been so much better in the last two years…

Since last week, Pallino is going to the nursery full time, while I have Mondays off (I’m working part-time, four days a week). I’ve decided to keep a day off to rest and sort out admin stuff (insurance renewals and the like) but I still spend part of the day with my little one, and I take him to the nursery only at lunch time.

I had booked a dance class for this term; it was advertised as suitable from 18 months, and I thought we could try it even if he’s only 16 months old – it was cheap and very close to our place, so at the worst, I imagined, we would just play and dance to the music as we do at home! However, the class started two weeks ago and it’s not going well. There’s only 4 or 5 other children and they are all older and able to respond to instructions. Pallino at the first class hid behind me for a while, then took my hand and went towards the buggy waving goodbye… We sit in a corner of the room listening to the music until the teacher gave the children some props (hoops and maracas and ribbons), then he went to play happily with the others. Same thing happened last week, at the second class. After the class I had to take him straight to the nursery for lunch, and I didn’t like it one bit: I was wasting my time with him for something he didn’t like!

I guess I learned my lesson: always try a class before registering, and do not underestimate the age range!

This morning I didn’t even go, we went for our walk, I let him rest in the buggy, we had a nice snack together in a coffee shop when he woke up and then I took him to the nursery and I stayed with him until lunch time. He loves it when I stay at the nursery, he shows me his favourite games (today he played the whole time in the sandpit) and books and I like to see what they do too.


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