Life as we know it

“Life as we know it” it’s the title of the movie L and I watched yesterday “to relax a bit”. Relax was the last thing we did, actually… It’s the story of a woman and a man who are best friends of a couple and godparents of their child. They are not a couple, they even went on a date set up by their friends but it didn’t work at all. When their friends both die in an accident, they discover that they’ve been nominated as legal tutors of their godchild and now… they have to deal with it all.

The movie is humorous and pleasant to watch, but it opens a very important question for us: who would take care of Pallino if something happens to us? It’s not something you want to think about in the daily life, but if we don’t think about it now, it might make his life even more miserable in that sad event.

Unfortunately, there is no-one we could “easily” nominate… our relatives are either too old or too young or we don’t like them and our friends are spread over Europe. The people I trust the most don’t have a family or even a stable address. He would end up with someone who is a stranger to him in most cases and having to relocate to a foreign country.

Watching that movie made us wonder all these questions… we went to bed with a headache and feeling lonely.


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