The Autumn has arrived, the leaves are falling, and Pallino and I caught a cold and cough… I was supposed to have a busy agenda at work in the last few days, with two meetings out of London and a number of deadlines either last week or this week. I did manage to go to the meetings, but after that I was off sick… and this morning I woke up with a low fever. It’s going to be an interesting week…

Pallino’s got a cough as well, and he had a temperature in the evening and night for a few days, but now he seems OK. This morning he came to my bed after L picked him up from his room, saw that I was still almost asleep and stroked my face, then covered me with a blanket and left saying “Bye bye!”. It was the sweetest thing ever!

He’s also learning lots of new words, this time mostly in Italian – open, close, leg, give me, cut, water. At this stage he’s making sounds that I can recognize, but he’s still not pronouncing the words clearly. The most important words he uses are still the English MORE and NO MORE. It’s amazing how well you can communicate with just these two little words!!

Pallino is also starting to sing! He follows the nursery rhymes and repeats the sounds with us… I’m amazed at every progress he makes…

Last weekend there was a programme of science and art events in an Arts’ Centre near here. The aim of the programme was to show the art in science and… the science in art! L and a colleague and friend of his were invited to give a talk/demonstration, so we all went to the Arts’ Centre. I was afraid that Pallino would not stay quiet in the theatre, but he did remarkably well, especially during our friends’ performance. Less so during L’s one, because he wanted to play with his daddy and started shouting “PAPA! PAPA!” We managed to stay until the end though, and I heard other people in the audience thanking L and his friend, so I’d say it went very well all around.


2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Get well soon. We are battling some colds and coughs here too. 😦

    More and no more can definitely be used for a lot of things! Glad to hear he is talking more! It’s so much fun!

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