I’ve been in bed for two week with a chest infection and fever… luckily last weekend greeted me with some rays of sun and I was finally able to leave the house and go for a walk in London!

Now that Pallino is more interactive we dare to go a bit further from home, so we went for a stroll on the Southbank and had lunch at the Borough Market. It was L’s nameday, and he likes to celebrate it, so it was the perfect occasion for a good lunch… I was exhausted at the end, but it was worth it, I missed spending time with my boys so much!

Pallino is saying more words now, but the most important for him seems to be UP! (with the exclamation mark because it’s always said with urgency), which he can use when he wants to be picked up or to climb something too high for him… more mischief on the way (and it’s always great to see how happy he is to be able to communicate exactly what he wants) đŸ™‚


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