You hear all the time that doing things with children "requires planning". But what does that mean really? You can plan as much as you want, but then the little one might not sleep that night and you’re not able to go out because finally he’s fallen asleep and you wouldn’t wake him for any reason, or he can be ill and you have to cancel everything, or… I can think lots of reasons why things might not go as planned at all! Still, planning is essential. Now, with Christmas approaching (yes, believe me), I find myself thinking that I should book a few activities, like visiting Santa’s Grotto somewhere, or Hyde Park Winter Wonderland (lovely place, I’ll post some pics if I manage to go!) and in general have something planned for each weekend until Christmas, because now Pallino is old enough to enjoy it and I don’t want to find out that all places are already booked up…
On the other hand, our whole like is quite busy, L and I work (almost) full time, Pallino spends most of the week at the nursery where activities are well structured and repetitive. Should we book every hour of our weekends as well?
Before Pallino, L and I used to do everything last minute. It wouldn’t be my choice, but L loves the adrenaline of not knowing whether you’ll catch that fly, or watch that movie… and, to be honest, most of the times it worked. His time management is pretty bad, but his ability to sort out a day out or a weekend break on the spot and actually see all there is to see in a new place is great! Being the one without a sense of direction, I could rely on him and just enjoy the day. And it feels good to go with the flow, after a life at work where you need to be well organised.
So we’re back to the original question: should we plan our free time as well? I think it’s important to leave space for spontaneity, to be able to cuddle on the sofa instead of going to a class, or meet a friend without a specific purpose (although everyone is so busy here that it’s actually difficult to see our friends without booking in advance!) or in general to do something because you feel like doing right then… but it’s a difficult balance to strike, and I feel it’s going to be a steep learning curve.


3 thoughts on “Planning

  1. I have found for ourselves that it works to plan some things and let the rest happen (or not) as they will. If there is a time limit or limited event or something we really want to do, we plan for it. If it is a ‘it would be nice if we have time’ item, then maybe we most often won’t plan and go if all works out.

  2. We are really easy going persons, sometimes we plan, sometimes we do things spontaneously. But do you really think of Christmas already? It’s so soon!

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