And again…

…Pallino has been waking up every night at 2.30am screaming MAMMA! If L goes to his room, he screams even louder and kicks him away (bumping against the bed frame), until I get there and hold him. After about an hour, he falls asleep again and sleeps until 7am. At that point I can’t get ready for work on time and I get to the office very late and very tired. He’s got a cold and he’s teething, so I imagine it’s a mixture of him needing reassurance if he wakes up in the middle of the night and something is wrong (his nose is blocked or his gums are sore for example), and getting used to the fact that if he screams loud enough, mamma will come…
It’ll pass, but I’m not liking it (obviously). And I’d like to write more, but I’m not able to concentrate in the evenings, so I read only. I’ve been thinking of writing a new blog in Italian for a while, but never had the clarity of mind I need to start something new. Keep calm and watch this space…


4 thoughts on “And again…

  1. I feel for you and dread those nights also! I hope the night time wake-ups are short lived and you are getting some sleep again soon. Feel better soon Pallino.

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