Brief update

I don’t have time to write, but I do want to post an update, so the THINGS-TO-DO will have to wait a little bit…

This month Pallino has been going to bed a lot later. He used to be sleepy around 7pm and fall asleep peacefully after reading some books, at around 7.30, but now he’s full of energy and perfectly awake until 8.30! And after that, he’s been waking up regularly in the middle of the night crying MAMMA, CUDDLE!!!, which is the sweetest thing ever, if you’re not desperately trying to rest. If I take him to my bed (because I can’t possibly get up again or ask L to do it), he sleeps better but he also turns around all the time, so I don’t sleep anyway.

I don’t react well to broken sleep, and (again) don’t know what to do…

He’s changed a lot in this last month. He turned 19 months now, and can climb higher, walk for longer, talk more (“mamma, come here” or “mamma, apri door” (apri means “open” in Italian) and try to kill himself in many more ways… the last one was when he fell with a pencil in his hands, luckily on the flat side and didn’t hit his eyes…

We haven’t got many Christmas decorations at home, but I managed to sneak out and see the lights in London, so here’s a few pictures from London Town…

Just in case I don’t have to write again before Christmas… I wish you all a great holiday season and hours of uninterrupted sleep!

Covent Garden

Covent Garden

Covent Garden #2

Covent Garden #2

Oxford Street

Oxford Street



Regent Street

Regent Street


4 thoughts on “Brief update

  1. Ooooh come ti capisco. Mia figlia maggiore 2G da quando ha compiuto 1 anno (e ho interrotto la tetta) ha quasi sempre dormito come un ghiro. 3G ha urlato da sempre la notte, con o senza tetta e tuttora a 20 mesi mi sveglia come minimo 2 volte per notte. Io sono uno straccio e temo assai per la mia capacità di poter reggere una giornata di lavoro: spero tanto che l’Australia le faccia bene 😉

      • Grazie e altrettanto! Ieri casa piena di amici, 3G 4 risvegli, sob! Ma si va avanti! Forse dovrei rispondere sul tuo blog italiano 😉 domanda tecnica: riesci a gestire 2 blog con lo stesso nickname? Come fai? Grazie

      • Ieri notte ammetto di averlo lasciato piangere… E ha funzionato… Vediamo come va. Sulla pagina iniziale di wordpress ho l’opzione di creare un nuovo blog, sempre sullo stesso account. Scrivimi per email se vuoi 🙂

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