Home, sweet home

Christmas day has come and gone: we stayed with my in-laws for a few days and we’re now back home… It was great to see our families, but I also need some time with my family, my husband and my son… We’ve organised everything for Pallino and his grandparents, and it worked well, it’s a joy to see them together, all five of them. I’m grateful that we can do it. But I cannot help feeling that I haven’t had a holiday and I need to rest… it was the same last summer, I was more tired after the holiday than before. So I’m really happy to have this time at home, and we’ve already managed to see some friends today and have a nice relaxed chat (it helped that Pallino was at the nursery for a few hours…). Also, after the journey back, I let Pallino sleep with me, since we found the flat very very cold, and he slept for 12 hours straight: that night was a blessing for me too, as you can imagine! (after 5 hours with the central heating on, it was 13C in his room!)

Now, the plan for the rest of the week is: to rest as much as possible, play with Pallino, read all the new books we have to him (we received lots of books for him, I’m so happy!!), see our friends, and fix a few little things at home that we haven’t got time to fix yet…


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