Is the world still out there?

I spent most of the past week alone with Pallino, since L has been away for a conference. Good for him, he had a hard time at work and I think a change of scenario for a while was needed. On the other hand, I had to take Pallino to the nursery, go to work and pick him up in the afternoon without the possibility to ask L to go in case I was stuck in traffic. So I ended up working from home the whole week.

It went well because I had quite a lot to do and I didn’t need to be in the office (one day I spent three hours on a conference call, for example – much easier to do that from your home at your desk than in a meeting room), however that meant basically not seeing anyone for a week…

I was supposed to see some friends on Thursday night, we arranged to have tea and cakes at mine after the children bedtime, however due to colds and husbands working late it was cancelled. And I spent the evening reading and looking for interesting blogs online.

I find it nice from time to time to be alone (even though exhausting): I had to cook everyday, and thing about what to eat and what to feed Pallino (more often is L who cooks, and he’s really good); I watched a movie (It’s Complicated, with Meryl Streep, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin – I recommend it!) and tried some fitness classes on youtube on my lunch break (I find it better than not exercising at all, but not as effective as going to the gym. Could be a compromise on week days when I work from home, though).

I’ve also started a book I got from a friend for Christmas, The Narrow Road to the Deep North, by Richard Flanagan. I read the first 40-50 pages but I’m afraid it’s not my style and I’m forcing myself to go on… I love reading and I feel I’m wasting time when I could be reading some good story… however the reviews seem to be very positive, so I’ll try to go on!

Well, a busy week, after all… I’m so ready for the weekend.


3 thoughts on “Is the world still out there?

  1. boy, i admire you. Job, home alone with the kid and continuing all your hobbies. Applause! Really, i’m having trouble continuing my meetings with friends who live in another city. I just keep thinking about organizing all the stuff.

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